Azure IoT Solutions

Azure based IoT Hub solutions for devices with .net IoT Core SDK

Hybride Apps

Hybride Desktop & Smartphone Apps with IONIC, Sencha and SAPUI5

Android native

JAVA and XAMARIN based Android native Apps

IOS native

SWIFT, Objective C or XAMARIN based IOS native Apps

Azure & Firebase mBaaS

Azure & Firebase mBaaS & IoT Solutions

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Azure and Firebase MBaaS and IoT solutions globally distributed with all kind of Azure and Firebase feature sets and ressources, even though, if they use data global data distribution or business logic with web-APIs in a world wide context.




All kind of use cases can be implemented with devices, based on MS IoT .net core SDK to get connected with smart solutions in use of BLE, Raspberry, Arduino or something else, which uses embedded technology. 

MBaaS & IoT solutions for

  • Stock
  • Production
  • Home Automation
  • Agriculture Automation
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Facility Management BIM - TGA 
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • System Gastronomy - mobileGASTRO
  • Service Technicians
  • Health Care
  • Home & Garden Automation - IOTbutler


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