Azure IoT Solutions

Azure based IoT Hub solutions for devices with .net IoT Core SDK

Hybride Apps

Hybride Desktop & Smartphone Apps with IONIC, Sencha and SAPUI5

Android native

JAVA and XAMARIN based Android native Apps

IOS native

SWIFT, Objective C or XAMARIN based IOS native Apps

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IoT Solutions (1 Themen)


Raspberry Pi (Keine Themen)

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Arduino (1 Themen)

connect Arduiono IDE Visual St ...
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Hybride Apps (2 Themen)


Sencha (Keine Themen)

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SAPUI5 & Fiori (Keine Themen)

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IONIC & Angular (2 Themen)

Can't resolve all parameters f ...
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Native Apps (Keine Themen)


Android (Keine Themen)

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IOS (Keine Themen)

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.net (1 Themen)

synchronize a local git repo w ...
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